07 April 2014

An Update: Bug

I feel with all this talk about my pregnancy, my beautiful princess has fallen by the wayside. It's hard to believe that she's almost 15 months! Where has all the time gone? She's gotten so big overnight it seems! I really want to put a heavy book on her head and slow this whole growing up thing down. 

Right now, allergies seem to be plaguing her like nothing else has. Last Friday she woke up gasping for breath. I never thought I'd be thankful for the bout of RSV she had back in December, but had she not had it, we would have spent Friday in the ER. You see, what happened was, both the hubs and I woke up to a funny sound over the monitor. I couldn't really place it, I knew it was her breathing but it sounded strange. Do you know how a child sounds after they've pitched a fit and are gasping for breath? That's what she sounded like, only she hadn't been crying. The hubs goes in and checks on her and the next thing I hear is "get dressed, she can't breathe." Mom mode kicked in. I grabbed my girl and rushed to the living room where her breathing treatment was. Asthma attack. It sounded like an asthma attack. Now, she's never had asthma before, so I have no idea where it came from. But I knew what needed to be done. I immediately get the nebulizer going and held her as I let the breathing treatment work it's magic. After that she calmed down and her breathing returned to normal. I called her pediatrician and got in first thing that morning. Her lungs were clear and everything checked out "normal," all we can figure out was a possible allergy attack. The pollen count was high the day before and she spent a TON of time outside. Since then, she's been really stuffy and snotty, but no more breathing scares. 

See why I'm thankful for the RSV? Without the RSV, we wouldn't have had the nebulizer and things might not have turned out as well as they did.

But enough of the dramatics. I have adorable pictures of my girl to share with you!

On a random pretty day, we were able to get out and go for a nature walk. This little girl discovered dirt and loved playing in it!

She was so excited to be able to get out and walk and explore on her own!

Sink baths have become our new favorite thing to do! Playing in the water as it comes out of the faucet seems to bring her so much joy! I love being able to do this with her, plus it's easy on this preggo mommy's back.

With the weather getting warmer (hello Summer, where did Spring go?) we've been spending our mornings outside soaking up as much sun as we can! Bug's new favorite thing is to grab our hands and pull us to the door to signify going outside. Or she'll go get her socks and shoes and bring them to us. This little girl LOVES being outside.

Is there anything cuter than a bubble butt and baby leg rolls? I mean, seriously?! Such a happy girl, once again, it's because we're playing outside.


  1. EEK Love those bubble butts!!! She is so adorbs. How do you think she's going to do with Baby #2?? I bet she's going to be the best big sis!

  2. gosh, she's the cutest! and this is just one more reason I am glad to be back in the blogging world. I can't believe I missed your pregnancy annoucement! congrats again :)

  3. oh my gosh that last outfit too cute! So glad you knew what to do, I would have totally panicked! Okay maybe not, but definitely scary. Glad everything turned out okay.

  4. Glad to see she is much better! That must have been rough!